Survey participants

About LSAY

Thanks for taking part in the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY). This year we have two groups (or ‘survey cohorts’) of young people doing the survey. By sparing just 20 minutes each year, you can help shape the future for young Australians.

If you're taking part, or a parent of someone taking part, check out our partner website, Five Million Minutes, for more information.

Taking the survey

The 2016 survey is now closed. Thanks for taking part! The lucky recipients  of the $100 gift cards have been randomly selected - a full list of the recipients is available here.

Stay tuned for more information about this year's survey. We'll be in touch around mid-year!

Remember, when we do get in touch, you can take part in one of two ways:

  • Online
  • Over the phone

Update your details

So we can stay in touch with you for each interview, you'll need to let us know if your contact details change. Please choose ANY of the following methods to update your details:

  • Update your details online*
  • Email*
  • Call 1800 241 271 (toll free for most mobiles)
  • Fill out the reply paid form on the bottom of the letter we sent you and post it back to our survey conductors, Wallis. You may wish to place it in an envelope to keep your personal details hidden. You won’t need to use a stamp, just copy the reply paid address onto the envelope.

* You'll need your LSAY ID which you'll find on the letter we sent you.

How do you compare?

Explore the results from past surveys and see how you compare with our interactive tool.

link to an online interactive tool to see how you compare with other survey participants

For parents

LSAY is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and follows young Australians over a 10-year period as they transition through school to further study, work and beyond.

If your child has been chosen to take part they will be contacted once a year, for 10 years to complete a 20 minute survey. They will be contacted by phone and asked to share information about their current education, work and social development status. Alternatively, they can complete each survey online.

The information collected as part of the survey can help to improve education outcomes, provide better training and essential work skills, and create more positive and meaningful lives for future generations.

Information collected remains anonymous at all times, and participant contact details are kept private and confidential by Wallis Strategic Market & Social Research, an accredited research organisation.

The use of data is restricted to research purposes only and is not to be used for commercial or financial gain. Detailed data can only be accessed via the Australian Data Archive (ADA) and requires authorisation from the ADA National Manager.

LSAY has helped organisations:

  • provide more tailored career information and assistance
  • give a greater insight into the impact of working and studying on students
  • provide a basis on how not-for-profit organisations can help young Australians from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

By sparing just a few moments each year to share what's been happening in their life, your child could make a real impact on the future of education, training and work in Australia. And as their parent or caregiver, your encouragement is vital. So if your child is chosen to participate make sure you show your support.

For more information see About LSAY.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about taking part in LSAY contact us by: