Y15 Schools project


LSAY tracks young people as they move from school into further study, work and other destinations. LSAY has been running for over 20 years with the first group of students surveyed in 1995.

The most recent group began in 2015 (Y15) and completed their first survey in 2016 and are now in the process of doing their 2017 survey. We are currently recruiting more students (that’s you!) to join the Y15 group.

Participants are surveyed once a year for 10 years – and whether they take part for just one year or every year – 20 minutes spent doing the survey can make a real difference.

For more information on the survey see your questions answered.


If you have received an LSAY survey pack at school you have been selected to be part of LSAY. This pack contains your LSAY ID, a short questionnaire and further information about LSAY.

If you haven’t done so already, use your LSAY ID code to complete your questionnaire online. Alternatively, you can fill out the form by hand and send it back via the reply paid envelope sent with your pack.

After you complete your questionnaire, Wallis Market and Social Research, an accredited research organisation, will contact you about participating in future LSAY surveys. Of course, if you also want to complete the 2017 survey online right now, you can do that too!

Please note: Some jurisdictions require parent or guardian consent before you can participate in LSAY. If you are attending school in one of the listed jurisdictions, please return a signed consent form via the reply paid envelope sent in your pack.

If you are attending school in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria or Western Australia you may be eligible for a $20 gift card. Follow the above links for more information.


If you have any questions about taking part in LSAY contact us by: