Cohort Reports


The cohort reports summarise the activity of young people up to a point in time. They are structured as a series of tables containing information on employment, education, study and work, and social indicators for each cohort from their first wave of collection up to the most recently collected data. The data presented can be filtered by demographic groups and downloaded into Excel. Young people are grouped by the first year of their survey wave, which is known as the cohort. There are five cohorts in the current LSAY series: Y95, Y98, Y03, Y06 and Y09.

LSAY respondents come from a nationally representative sample of young people at a given point in time (for example, Year 9 students at school in 1995). Due to population shifts over time and survey attrition, care needs to be taken when comparing individual waves of the cohort against other samples which have been drawn from different populations. For example, it can be misleading to compare the LSAY Y03 wave three (2005) indicators against 17 year olds from other surveys in the same year.

Previous cohort reports describing the activity of each cohort up to the 2005 waves can be accessed by going to Old cohort reports.